This I Believe

Adrianna - Palos Hills, Illinois
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

I believe all people are good. There is no such thing as a genuinely bad person. A person is only bad because of the decisions they make, but I believe that every person has a conscious and even if they made a bad decision, they still have that gut feeling of what they did was wrong.

I know that when I make a decision that’s not the best thing I should have done, I instantly regret it. Only sometimes, it’s that I take action and try to right my wrong. I believe that this ‘voice’ is something that only certain people chose to listen to, but everyone does have it and hears it.

I strongly believe this, even with all the wars and serial killers in the world, I think they all were at least born with a good heart, but with all the elements around them, their mind and heart gets altered, after every wrong action I do believe that people have a that one feeling that tells them that they did wrong, except most people don’t chose to listen to it.

Even though my ‘wrong doings’ are all teenage and minor, I still get a gut feeling telling me that I did wrong. The only bad thing about this is that sometimes its very hard to try to redeem yourself, many times people realize they did something wrong, and feel bad for it, but don’t try to fix what they did wrong. This doesn’t make the person necessarily bad, but the reason a person has remorse is so that they can go out and try to fix the problem they caused. Many people don’t like to admit that they caused a problem, and usually neither do I, but the thing is that it wont fix anything unless you’re willing to fix it.

I believe that everyone is a good person at heart, but it’s the environment around them or personally experiences that changes a person whether it makes them weaker or stronger, a persons surroundings has everything to do with the kind of person they are.

So basically surroundings make the choice for someone, whether it be good or bad.