This I Believe

Haneen - Palos Hills/Il/60465, Illinois
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Do you want to see your dreams come true? I know I do. My dream is to go to school in America. It is difficult to see this dream come true because of my father’s occupation. My father is a civil engineer. Civil engineers travel a lot. He has been traveling for as long as I can remember. He has been to places like Iraq, Dubai, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, California, Indiana, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and many other places. It is hard growing up basically without a father. I believe that every family should not have a hard time being together. My father has missed out on the birthdays, holidays, tragedies, sicknesses, graduations, and most other memories. It really stinks not having him here.

I am a senior in high school and something I want more than anything else in the world is to be able to live knowing that I know what will happen in my future. I live with fear everyday, fear of not knowing what my future holds. My father is sick and tired of being away form the family. Do not get me wrong but we miss him around the house also, but if only he would just settle down and stick to his job here. I want to go to college and get a degree here in Illinois, Here near my home, family, friends, and my memories. I think that I will be able to live with the security of knowing only once I get married. Once I get married I will know that I am going to stay here. I will not be getting married for a long while though, so I really need to figure something out for the present.

I wish that I knew whom to blame. I actually am clueless of whom to blame. I know that it is silly, but I feel that if I could blame someone then it would make me feel a lot better. I just want my family to be able to stay together like an ordinary family. I wish it were easier. I wish we could just be together without someone having to make a large sacrifice. I hope that my father will soon just learn to appreciate the job that he has in Chicago, Illinois and stay right here in our hometown. I wish that we will soon all be together and know that we will really be together. This will bring me happiness. I have not been happy for a long time. I do not mean ten-minute happiness, I mean real inside eternal happiness.