This I Believe

Jebadahia - hickory hills, Illinois
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe we should not take the things we have for granted. Some people take things they own or use for granted. Our homes are the biggest thing I believe people take for granted. I was just thinking what if we all got stranded on island. How would you take things for granted now? I don’t think you could. No home, just you and some friends just stuck on an island without a clue. Everything you would find would be gold. When you arrive home from that experience I bet you wouldn’t take anything for granted again.

Life also is taken for granted I believe.

Now when you’re on this island, you would get desperate for food. There would be some resort to cannibalism and on this island are your friends. How would that work? And what kind of sacrifices would you have to make. I just think that thinking about that makes you aware of everything that you have and not to take it for granted.

I think that referring to an island is good because an island has nothing, most island are just plain and empty. A perfect example for what I was talking about, of how some people act like they don’t need anything.

In conclusion, I think that people take too much for granted. To test this I think about being stuck on an island with some close friends. How would you survive? What would you do to keep warm? How long would it take for you to just snap and go crazy?

Situations like that are important to think about.

That’s what I believe.