This I Believe

Noorie - Tampa, Florida
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

A sustained belief …

I believe in Nature. Despite of the innumerable human atrocities Nature has always forgiven us. It has been able to sustain itself through them all! But, I wonder what’s next? Increasing pollution, depleting natural resources, water shortage, global warming- these are just a few words that are becoming increasingly popular now-a-days.

I find myself asking this question time & again- is this true? It can’t be- how can it be?

But the statistics show it very well is.

I love the natural world. I remember the time when as a kid I used to go for morning walks with my dad. I enjoyed the fresh air & oh what a pleasure it was to see a beautiful sunrise from behind the thick lush trees. Our long strolls used to end with crystal clear sunrays beaming towards the earth with birds chirping in the background. I enjoyed it a lot then- and I long for it a lot today.

So now I ask myself- what can I do to make sure when I take my children to morning walks, they get to enjoy clear fresh air and see the beautiful colors of sunrise? As a human being, I am responsible too and how can I help? Well, let’s see- with a background in Architecture & Construction, I very well can. I can help promote sustainable design and construction techniques to help sustain the environment. Apart from my career, as an individual, I can use energy efficient lights & appliances, water efficient plumbing fixtures, efficient AC and refrigeration equipments, green renewable materials whenever I construct something new, certified furniture for interiors, and the list goes on and on. I can start community awareness programs & help others understand how important and urgent this issue is. All information is out there- with a little effort, physically & monetarily, I can contribute towards sustainability- I can contribute to save Nature.

If I can do so much I am certain everyone can- in their own capacities- contribute a lot too. I believe Nature deserves such an effort from all of us.

I will, as an individual, do whatever it takes to put in an extra effort to save our environment that I’ve been enjoying & taking for granted for long enough- I want my children to enjoy it too. It is still not impossible. I believe I need to give Nature a second chance to forgive me before it’s too late. And I’m sure if I put in a sincere extra effort, it will definitely forgive me- and this I believe.