This I Believe

Donald - Newark, Ohio
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life Lesson

There I was at my eighth grade dance standing in my middle school gym, getting ready to ask a girl for a dance. I was nervous, and it did not help that my palms and forehead were sweating like I was in the desert. With a raspy high pitched voice I asked this gorgeous girl for a dance. She responded quickly, “Not even in a million years”. There I was, an eighth grader, feeling rejected in front of my peers. For the longest time I felt upset that she did not want to dance with me, but now as I look back I am glad that I took the chance to ask her for a dance. I do not want to be an 80 year old man looking back at his life wondering, “What would have happened if I did this? And what would have happened if I took a risk?”

I try my best to live life as if there would be no tomorrow. I started to use this motto in my life when I saw my once strong, grandfather lay on his death bed in the hospital, waiting for death to come and take him away. I loved my grandfather and still do even to this day. I know that everyday my grandfather lived he tried to live his life the best way he could, and not have any regrets. He taught me to live my life as if I had no tomorrow. He led by example, serving in World War II. My grandfather stood up in what he believed in. I never took what he had told me seriously until after his death because I was young and thought I would not need his advice. Before he passed away, I did not do well in school and never took it seriously. After his death, I applied what he had told me in my life and become more aware that life was precious and death is real. I believe it is my job to tell people what my grandfather taught me, to live life with no regrets. I try and live my life as an example for everyone else to lead. From this experience, I now know through death comes hope and opportunity.

The American lecturer and author, Dale Carnegie, said it best when he stated, “Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” As I look back at myself, at the eighth grade dance, I now feel glad that I did take the chance to ask her for a dance because I did not want to look back into the past and ask myself: “Why didn’t I just take chance to ask her for a dance?” Now, when I have the opportunity to take a chance in life, I always think about what my grandfather told me. To live life as if there was no tomorrow and to take a chance. This I believe