This I Believe

Kyle - Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Entered on November 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in not caring about negative things other people think or say about me and try not to submit to peer pressure, which is largely related to what other people think. Not only does this belief make me happier in general, but it also means that I do not get mad at people very often. I believe that anger is one of the worst things in the world today, and it would be great if people could spend more time being happy and less time being angry. It is close to impossible for the majority of people, including myself, to truly disregard other people’s negative actions and opinions.

There is no single instance that made me adopt my belief, but rather many experiences and a common theme throughout my life has caused me to think the way I do. I have always been very tall, and it has been a sort of theme for people to call me skinny or in a couple cases they have called my weak (physically). After about a hundred people had called me skinny, I started just disregarding any comments about skinniness. After I got past people calling me skinny, I started to care less and less about peoples opinions about me, especially the negative ones. Being able to think for myself and not be affected by others opinions has made me happier. However, I found that it is a good thing to care about positive comments made to or about me. Positive thoughts and comments are one of the great parts of life and I never want to ignore them. There are definitely comments that need to be ignored, but there are also comments that should be remembered and I take strength from those comments. In regards to peer pressure, I find it much harder to be influenced by peers when I don’t care what they think about me.

I personally I think I am very good at not taking negative comments to heart, though I still get a little offended or angry when people call me skinny (or stuff like that) and sometimes I’ll only like a band because my friends like it. I might say that I haven’t been affected by any thought or comment in a long time, though I would probably be lying if I said that, because no matter how hard I try it is close to impossible to be unaffected by others’ opinions. So, even though I say that I believe in not caring about what others think of me, I still have a ways to go to truly be free of others’ thoughts and comments.