This I Believe

Maggie Grey - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Entered on November 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in hope. My dad’s one of the kind of guys that is usually not one of the happiest guys in the world. But when it comes to hope it’s my dad who’s got it.

In 1998 I was in kindergarten. My dad, mom, brother and I were a great healthy family. We had a great amount of love for each other. Not saying we still don’t.

But we soon figured out that my mom had cancer. It just broke our whole family down. We didn’t know what to think or do. It broke my heart that weekend when my mom and I where supposed to attend my mother daughter sledding trip for girl scouts. But we couldn’t go. My mom was under to much pressure. The doctors had given her about five years of survival.

My dad constantly kept telling here that she was going to make it threw. Over and over he told his love for her.

In the next couple of years the cancer spread and spread. Making it harder for my dad to keep his hope up. But he still did.

Just recently the doctors found out that my mom has brain cancer as well. That didn’t bring a lot of happiness into the family. My mom is now in the hospital and just the other day stated to my dad “I don’t want to live like this anymore.” All my dad said was “Hunny I love you, and my hopes are high.” That has encouraged my mom to keep trying to fight her cancer every day. Living by a day to day basis my family is happy. We all know that we could lose my mom very soon and we have to spend the time we have with her and value it as if it’s our last day together.

My dad, my brother and I all attend church to pray that god will make a miracle and save my mom. God hasn’t shown threw yet but were still waiting and praying. This i believe