This I Believe

Damian - Cenntenial, Colorado
Entered on November 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Laughter: Friend of Foe?

(Can cracking up bring you down?)

It starts with a great joke your friend just told, everyone is guffawing like crazy people. If there was a liquid in your mouth it would have come out your nose. You collapse on to the floor, and try as you will; your attempts of breath are chocked off by your silent laughter. The few gasps of life that are obtained through your mouth feel like rapture, but are stolen by your once friend laughter. Veins on your arms and forehead bulge like a stomach after Thanksgiving. Your vision slowly fades in and out of a watery darkness and in the recesses of your mind you see death lingering there. With fear and determination burning bright within your soul, what feels like a kick in the gut, you get in one final breath before you pass out.

Laughing is said to add to your life span, but could it also snatch it in one overly good cackle? I believe that over laughing can kill you, there is only one way you could believe this overly bold and out rageous statement. The only way is if this too happened to you. It is a ‘horrible feeling having a breath ripped from your lungs, so I have to tell the world that with a good laugh may come with the possibility of death knocking at your door.

What might bring out these bouts of death you might ask, well guffawing, cackling, snickering, and just pure out over laughing. Also, if you wish to stay the warm hand of death, don’t surround yourself with only funny people. Find some nice dull, non funny friends that won’t even remotely bring a smirk to your face. Of course they don’t have to be dull, they can be exciting, I just say dull because most exciting people are funny too. You can still have one of two funny friends but try to keep it to that. Other options are to only have maybe three friends, or you could just exile yourself all together. That option wouldn’t be too hard with all the inanimate objects like online shopping and television commercials that feature fictional characters to potentially be your friends. Maybe I’m getting a little drastic with the total isolation idea but hey if you can pull it off go for it.

Other ways to help preserve you life span would be to not watch funny television programming or go to funny internet sites. Stay away from shows you find entertaining and stick with boring shows (I won’t list any from either category for fear of hate mail). You would also have to avoid funny internet pop-ups, ads, and sites to stay safe. What I have failed to mention thought is that it is ok to laugh on occasion just do not over laugh.

It is now so easy to see that laughter is a viable agent for your death, and why laughing should only be done on occasion. From my near death experiences you can learn the truth of this statement. I warn you laughter is dangerous and is something that cannot be forced, it just has to happen.