This I Believe

Jacob - Portland, Oregon
Entered on November 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I give it up for everyday I’m here, at school, every moment I don’t turn out like her or at least the way she was, my mother. Every day I have a meal, a bed and, a hug from a loved one and for the 18 years of pain and sorrow that I’ve lived with around and next to I believe that if you are poor and poverty stricken, you still can fight for a good life.

This is why I believe that when I was homeless and a bum and not in school, because I lived free from homework and tests, but later to realize that it wasn’t the best. I believe that just because you’re in a dirty shirt with stains and in a house with no lights, just the sound of growing pains; these are not excuses to give up your dreams.

I have three brothers and four sisters and countless others it seems, I have a mom and three dads, which I’m lucky to have. I have multiple families and not enough time. Home is where you make it and not where it lays. Being on the streets I have learned from a young age to respect what you have and earn what you need, this I came to find to be true.

Poverty is everywhere, in anything and in everybody, across the street, across the nation and even in the mirror. You never know when it will appear, but don’t fear it because poverty is so real. To me not knowing where my meal came from, where I was to sleep and not knowing who loved me, has made me who I am today, and not the poverty stricken person people used to see.

I lived in a car, camped because I had no house, but I made those my home. I ate what I had to eat and drank what I had. Every memory I tell you is true and is not to be taken as a joke, because you never know it could have been you.

Many years later I am now 18 and on track to graduate from high school and plan to attend collage. I believe that if you are poor and poverty stricken you still can fight for a good life so never give up or give in.