This I Believe

tyler - lakebay, Washington
Entered on November 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love, war

i believe that humans were made only two things, loving and fighting.

both of these are strong and most people believe that these two subjects are completely different, that may be, but i believe that they are one in the same.

both have their good times and their bad.

fighting brings us closer as well as seperates us, loving does the same.

i myself know much about fighting, the killing of people, the injuring of the body, the destroying of the mind and soul.

loving is one of the things that i know little about, because of the fact that i haven’t had much expearience. but what i do know is that most people think that they know what love is, but that is not always the true, most people including myself always make that one mistake that will end their live for an extended amout of time. love can destroy us, messes with our minds, it takes away all that we had.

loving may not kill as many people as fighting but it shares some of the same qualities.

on the other hand loving can bring us even closer together thanfighting ever could.

this i belive.