This I Believe

Anthony - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: science

I believe in science, but more importantly I believe in the fact that science can find the truth in things. Before the Earth was round, it was flat. Before we revolved around the sun, it revolved around us. Before with evolved, we were created in the blink of an eye. These beliefs were accepted as fact and unquestioned until some of the greatest minds we had, found problems within them, and tried to discover the truth. All the time, theories and ideas are being rejected or accepted as fact based on scientific knowledge. We rely on it to determine right from wrong and fact from fiction. Science is a method that has proven itself time and time again. If we look back across history we see how science has proved itself over and over again as a great method for solving the mysteries of life. Ultimately, science has shown its ability to express the truth. The scientific method allows scientists to test a belief and find whether it is correct, or totally wrong. They use solid concrete laws of nature to prove or disprove their theories.

Science has no internal motive besides personal gain. This ultimately means that science has a great chance of finding facts with the sole purpose of heightening education. Science is also re-creatable. Science provides an opportunity to test ideas repeatedly in different situations. We have re-created primitive cells born form the primordial stew, and recreated instances that occurred thousands of years ago. Finally, science has the ability to evolve and adapt with the times and evidence. Theories are always changing because nothing in the scientific world is set in stone besides the natural laws the govern everything. In the early stages evolutionary theories, things changed rapidly as more theories were produced. Science can effectively evolve because with factual evidence and logical reasoning, theories can develop based on other ideas. The scientific community makes room for people to expose their ideas and have them critiqued.

It is time that we put our faith in science. Where would we be without it? I look and see this concept that has proved it self to be the best method of truth for exactly what it is: The best source of knowledge. I see it like this, because I believe in science.