This I Believe

Sean - Greenwood Village, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the earth must have been created by a creator and not by chance. There is much evidences in the earth point toward the theory of creation, rather then the theory of evolution. Evidence such as the solar system, the order of the animal kingdom, and the human body.

The Solar System runs very systematically and if anything were to go wrong, even if a planet were to move a foot out of orbit, the whole system would be thrown out of orbit, including the earth. If we were a yard farther away from the sun, temperatures would noticeably drop. Same if we got a yard closer, except on the warmer side of the scale. Also gravity would be totally thrown off, causing the earth to lose orbit with the sun. There is a very, very, very slim chance that this could happen by chance. Even the Big Bang theory, where all planets were a placed where they are due to an explosion may argue for a creator.

The second example is the order of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is very complex and runs smoothly without many problems. Many animals, including rabbits, rats, and pigs who have no act of self-defense, would be extinct by now. The way they reproduce very rapidly and there sense of where to hide suggests that a creator thought of this and gave them ways of protect themselves. Also, the animals who have fewer predators, and a way of defending themselves, don’t overproduce so that they don’t kill off all of the weaker ones. Each example could mean that there is a creator who didn’t want the extinction of animals.

The last example is the human body. The human body is so complicated it is amazing. The human brain retains everything it sees, hears, smells, and even touches. The sexual reproduction of our race, the way blood is pumped through our body, the complex system of millions of miles of veins, capillaries, and arteries. The way how we breathe, how we talk, how we see, everything! Our nervous system automatically moves our body if it is being harmed without even sending signals to our brain! The complex system of the human body could not possibly have been created solely through luck or chance. It is just… illogical.

The fact that there is no way to prove this leads many to put their faith in chance. But the three examples of the Solar System, the animal kingdom, and the human body all lead me believe that there is an almighty creator who had a plan in mind for our world that we live in.