This I Believe

Alyse - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in chance. By going into a situation with optimism, not knowing what is going to happen, although knowing that some event will occur. Whenever I go into a new place or into any different place for that matter and plan what is going to happen, nothing ever happens. Only when I enter with an air of optimism about me, knowing that something new will happen but I do not know what it will be, that is when exciting things start to happen and the ball gets rolling.

During basketball tryouts, I met this very nice girl and we started to talk and shoot at the same hoop. At Homecoming, she saw me and said “hello.” Now, she is one of my very good friends. Whenever I pass her in the halls, I stop to talk or say “hello.” Never did I think that just by going to basketball tryouts would I meet a great person who is now one of my good friends.

There was also an occasion into which I entered optimistic. This particular event was a math contest, my first math contest in high school. When I entered the room, I was as nervous as can be. Having no idea whom I would meet, I became friends with some great guys who did not make me feel stupid when I needed help with a math problem… or two. By going into the math contest, I was invited to an all-daylong math competition at one of the local universities. My new friend from basketball had encouraged me to go, although I walked onto the bus having no clue on what was going to occur.

So, I walk onto the bus, slowly not knowing where to sit. The rest of my group heads on to the back, so I follow accordingly. Some of my new math friends from the day before are there and they are very welcoming. During the long 2 ½ hour bus ride, I get to know the other kids, very quickly. At first we exchange the polite “hi, my name is, and I am in this math class.” But once the formalities are over, we fast become good friends. Throughout the day, it seemed as if we had known each other for all our lives. Perhaps the love of math we all shared combined with our different sense of humors, was the tie that bound us together.

By going into basketball hoping for a chance to meet nice people, I met my friend, who encouraged me to go on the all-daylong math competition. For which I was invited to because of my involvement in a math contest, during which I met very nice people by chance. Then, to top it all off, I spent the day with a group of amazing people who are now some of my close friends, all because I went into the situations with an open mind, knowing that some event will occur that I will not be able to predict. I live my life knowing that chance always has a way to work its self out for the better, if you go into the situation optimistic.