This I Believe

Alison - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

This I Believe…

As younger kids, we all knew lying was a serious offense in any household, school, or just in general. Lie to mom or dad, expect a nice, lengthy time-out. Lie to your friends, expect not to have any. So how did this world get caught up in such a tangle of lies and why does everyone feel they need to fib to accomplish things?

Because of this, I believe in honesty and truth. Together, these two powerful morals can weave a web of trust…and sincerity…and peace, as well as hopefully cut through the knot of lies accumulated over time.

So what do they mean to me? In my opinion, honesty means not acting as a charlatan. People should accept others for the way they are, and if they don’t, the unaccepted know those people are not their true friends. Honesty also means giving the cashier back the extra 20 cents she returned to you as change, or returning a $50 dollar bill you saw someone drop.

Honesty takes character.

As a politician, being truthful and honest means stating changes you will attempt to make in this world to the best of your ability, not to make your name look good on the ballot. Bashing your opponents with untruthful or ‘tweaked’ accusations is a form of lying. Use those either competing against you or campaigning with you as a form of encouragement, helping fuel your drive of perseverance, rather than as stepping stones you simply step on to make your way to the top.

Truth is abiding by your conscience. Not standing up for what you know is right is not being truthful to yourself. You are essentially lying to yourself, pretending what you are doing is right when it is really not. Being truthful is listening to your inner guiding conscience.

If this world could simply weave truth and honesty into its loom of life, it’d make life better. Better people….better attitudes….better world; overall….a better ‘better’.