This I Believe

Haley - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: disability

Make the Most with What Life Gives You

I believe that you should make the most with what life gives you. Everyone is given something special, whether it’s a clear gift or it’s hidden. Iit’s exclusive and makes you unique. This I believe because I have had trouble accepting my gift. I have a condition called Deliberate Tremor. Don’t let the name fool you; it’s not deliberate. Deliberate Tremor makes by body release to much adrenaline all the time so my hands are constantly shaking. Most of the time it’s just a subtle thing, but when I get a tiny bit nervous my hands start to shake like crazy! It makes me look so uneasy, when really I’m just a little bit anxious. It can be pretty inconvenient at times because I can’t do simple tasks when I’m nervous, such as carrying full glasses of water or type on a keyboard because I shake too much.

I would try to hide my shakes because I was embarrassed. Before I was diagnosed, people would ask me why I was shaking and I would just say it was because I was a freak. I didn’t know why I couldn’t steady my hands. So that’s the only explanation I had; I was a freak.

I hoped that my tremors would go away, but they didn’t; they only got worse. In band it was the worst. We would have playing tests and I would get so nervous that when I played, I could barely hold up my flute. I just wanted to cry. I told my mom and she took me to a doctor. He prescribed a medicine that would help me not produce so much adrenaline. I started to use it for my playing tests in band and it seemed to work. I was able to play the song without having to stop to try to stop my shaking. I was so relived.

Now-a-days, I have stopped using the medicine and have been able to lessen my shaking all by myself. Also, I don’t consider my self a freak. I can now tell people that I just have Deliberate Tremor. After hearing the name, they usually give me a blank stare and so I explain it to them and they go on their way.

Even though at the beginning I thought of it more of a curse, I’ve learned to live with my gift. It helped me realize how lucky we are to have good health. Some people would do anything to only have a minor shake. It’s opened my eyes to how fortunate I am to have such an inconsequential condition. There is no point in crying buckets about a trait you don’t like. It will always be there so you might as well find its strengths and use them. I believe that you should make the most with what life gives you.