This I Believe

Tessa - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance

When this assignment was presented to me and I truly thought about what I believed in, I had no idea. I then started to think about my life and all of the controversies occurring through out the world.

I was sitting in my 2nd hour period which just happens to be history. My class was watching a movie, like always, and most everybody had fallen asleep. A film was showing about when immigrants fled to America, all of the former citizens would not accept the newcomers. This got me thinking about how there are plenty of problems in the world. In Iraq, women are degraded to a point where they can’t show their faces in public and must obey to the man of their lives. In China, children are sent to adoption buildings if they are one to many in their family. In America, people are gaining weight each day so they eventually can’t accomplish simple daily tasks. These and many other crises are eluded by the general public. The nation and world doesn’t make a true effort to end these problems, if it is in the government, society, environment, or anything else. We are the ones who brought these problems upon ourselves.

When man was created, and I am not talking about evolution, but when man was created there was no form of technology or government or a real society. Our ancestors built up to what the world is today.

For example, in the United States of America, millions of men and women are bickering about gay marriage. I know that we weren’t the ones that created “gay”, but we are the ones that say it is wrong. That is firmly based on belief, but we began with preventing gay marriage for others and now there is a huge quarrel about it. Why can’t we just live our lives for ourselves, and not bring misery upon others. Do not butt in on a stranger’s life, focus on your own.

After believing that I should live life for myself and not for others, I realized that humans reel in the problems for themselves, they don’t just occur. To put it simply, humans are the creators of our society and this I believe. If we don’t like something then why can’t we just stop it? If you start something, can’t you end it if you pleased? The people started the religion in Iraq, citizens eat constantly by choice in America, and in China they don’t take control of the production rate of people. I think that it is as simple as that. We are still learning how to cope with life and when you say, write, or do something, think of the consequences. You might just prevent a problem to occur upon yourself.