This I Believe

Marvin - Sherman Oaks, California
Entered on November 19, 2006
Age Group: 65+

Imagine a world where FEAR doesn’t pledge our political leaders, where the fear of GOD don’t exist. Imagine the Jews, the Catholics, the Protestant, the Shiites and Sunnites never fearing one another. Imagine where reason would rule and where WILL would be known for what it is. Imagine where the need for Nuclear bombs was considered CRAZY and the young men and women new that WAR was CRUEL and INHUMANE. Imagine if the people were outraged at what IMPERIAL philosophies which have allowed POLLUTION to KILL so many creatures of life and has endanger all life here on earth. This I believe: the natural voice of reason would come alive to all when humans realize that life is god and that the politic’s that’s been written in the BIBLE and in today’s IMPERIAL world has everything to do with the KINGS way of LIFE, now called IMPERIALISM. LIFE is GOD will unravel the blind history of the human race… WILL over reason only knows destruction… life is god, god’s power is within, nonviolence is the heart of truth, pretense is original sin, love is eternal, understanding one’s fears, hates and doubts is the pathway to paradise…