This I Believe

Sarah - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

There are many things I believe in life, but the thing I believe most of all is to say “I love you”. I believe that everyone should say “I love you” every chance they get. The person receiving the “I love you” always feels loved and special. The main reason I believe this is no one knows what may happen in the next twenty-four hours, if something bad would happen, you’d never get another chance to tell someone special that you love them. One summer I had an experience that really strengthened my belief. My dad, my brother, my puppy, and I went to the local reservoir one evening to go sailing on our boat. We were out on the water, when it started to become really stormy. We found out later we were caught in a storm called a microburst. The water in the reservoir was going everywhere and there was a lot of lightning. The wind was so bad, that it blew our sailboat so we were laying sideways in the water. The storm was getting worse and worse, we were stuck out on the water and we couldn’t get our sail down. My brother and I were really scared and we both really just wanted to be at home with our mom. The storm finally ended after an hour and forty-five minutes. I remember hoping the boat wouldn’t sink and that I would get a change to tell my mom just how much I loved her.

I tell my parents that I love them every night and every time I leave the house. I make sure I always do this for two reasons. The first reason is, if my parents ever died while I was away, I want my last words to them always to be “I love you”. The second reason is, I want my parents to know how much I appreciate them and I think that this is a way to tell them “ thank you for all you have given me and taught me and thank you so much for always loving me, even if I didn’t deserve it at times.” That is why I believe that you should say “I love you” to every single person you love, every chance you get.