This I Believe

Jordan - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, hope, question

There is a general phrase that people use when things don’t go the way they plan it to, when something unexpected happens, when there is a plot twist at the end of a novel. “Life is a mystery,” they say, those that have found a winding road in their paths. I think that many people who quote that phrase don’t know the power and truth that statement holds. Life is a mystery.

Before I was born, I was given up for adoption by my biological parents. I had two older brothers, one of them nine and the other twelve. Once I was given to my parents now, my brothers were abandoned by my birth parents. Every once in a while I stop to think – could I have seen them on the street, the sidewalk, in a building or restaurant? They would now be old enough – fourteen years later – to have wives, children, and homes. It is possible that they are still alive. It is also possible that they are gone. It is unknown to me the fate that God chose for them, a mystery that might never be solved.

In another personal way, life is a mystery influenced by God. He works in mysterious ways – you could pray and pray for food when starving, and God could supply you with enough to keep you alive, but plant an apple seed in the backyard and you will have apples years down the road when you are starving again. An unborn child could have come into a loved one’s womb despite the hopes for a healthy baby boy, but brings to the parents what they needed in the form of a renewed sense of faith, such as what happened with my aunt and uncle. God does things His own way, which might seem different and unfamiliar to me, but the mystery is what I know keeps from quitting.

Mystery pushes me forward. It moves me along, drives me with curiosity. What will the next day bring? Not long ago my life turned around. Things will be much different with my family, but the mystery is how my life will continue and what direction it will take next. I get through day by day with the knowledge that I can discover the answer to the mystery if I keep trying.

I believe that if I find the questions everyday, and hope and want to discover the answers, I can trudge through my problems without losing hope.