This I Believe

Ufuoma - upper marlboro, Maryland
Entered on November 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe God exists for three reasons, firstly how blessed I am, secondly the role God has played in my life, thirdly how my life changed for the worst when I left Him.

I am very blessed. Looking back at my life there are many hints of how God has blessed my family and I. I came from the gutter, a place where people got jumped for something as simple as color pencils to now living in an area so safe that I can park my car and leave it unlocked without having to worry about it getting stolen. I remember my two brothers and I used to share one candy bar by cutting it into pieces and now we don’t even share homes. Why this change? I believe ultimately that it was God’s hand that helped move us from our crime infested neighborhood to a safe place.

God has been a big part of my life. He has saved me countless times from trouble. There were three times in my life where I could have died. Once when I was a little kid I choked on a lollipop. The second incident happened when I was about five; I was skateboarding and accidentally ran into a known gang member who had a gun on him at the time, which I saw through his back pocket. After I ran into him, he simply turned around and said, “Don’t do it again” and the third time was when I was being chased by thugs with guns in a car. Long story short, I was screaming for help running down the street but no one would help me, after hitting a corner I hid behind a bush but was soon discovered and ran back up the street and a very kind lady (I will never forget her gratitude and I hope God will bless her life) picked me up and we went searching for a police officer but could not find one. I know I am going to be something great in the future because why would God keep me alive through all these unfavorable circumstances just to grow up to become average?

The way that I am one hundred percent sure God exists is how my life changed after I left Him. During my teenage years I was immensely stressed out to the point that I had suicidal thoughts. Tupac said in one of his songs, “screaming to God but he don’t hear you”. That part of his song still sticks with me till today because at that time that is exactly how I felt. After a while, I deceased from praying and believing in God and my life went from bad to worse. My grades suffered, my relationship with my family suffered and I didn’t have the boldness I once had because when someone truly believes in God, they believe God will protect them through any danger. So since I stopped believing in God fear became part of my characteristic traits. However, just as I was contemplating suicide I reached for my bible and commenced in reading it, and the first page I opened said something similar to “Come back to me my son”. After that, I gave my life back to God and immediately everything I had lost came back to me. My relationship with my family improved, my grades improved etc. So was this just a coincidence? Why is it when I chose to give my life to God all those changes happened? Why didn’t it happen when I was an atheist? That is because God exists.

In conclusion, I love God with my heart and soul. Fear is not a characteristic I know. The only time I get scared is when presenting in front of a class but besides that I rarely get nervous. I’m able to just relax in life, knowing that he has everything in control. Like it says in Jeremiah 17:7, “God will bless the person who puts his trust in Him”.