This I Believe

Tyler - Inwood, Iowa
Entered on November 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

You never know when your time on this earth will come.  The only one that knows is God.  The song “Live like You Were Dying,” by Tim McGraw is a very good example of what we should do.  Because we never know when our time will come, we should live like we were dying.  We should always live every day like it’s our last day on this earth, because we never know when something will change your life forever.

            When I was a freshmen I played basketball.  Starting the season off I was fine.  A little after the first game of the season, I started having pain in my abdominal region.  I thought it was really no big deal and I should just try and fight through it.  But the pain kept getting worse, so finally I told my mom and she made a doctor’s appointment for me.  I went to the doctor and she said that it would go away if I took some aspirin.

            So I went back to basketball practice, but the pain continued to come back.  Then I went to the doctor to get some tests done.  The tests took all day.  My mom and I then went into the doctor’s office. The doctor told us the results of the tests.  He said that I had a cyst in my spleen.  Then my mom flipped out and I was like “Oh is that bad?”  The doctor explained it was bad and I would need surgury soon.  By this time my mom was really freaking out and I was thinking “Well this should be kind different.”

            About a week later I went into the hospital and had my surgery. It never really clicked that this surgery was a really big deal until I was in the pre-op room.  Then I started to get a little nervous.  The surgery went fine although I had to stay in the hospital for seven days.  It wasn’t very fun because I could barely sit up.  One day my family came to visit me and my brother and my cousin were talking about something and my brother said something really funny. I started to laugh but it hurt so bad I cried also.    That was the first time I really realized that we need to cherish the time that we have with our family and friends.  Finally a week after I went in for my surgery I got to go home.

            Home was just as boring as the hospital was.  I could not go back to school until after Christmas vacation.  When I did go back to school I had a a lot of homework and semester tests were one week after I got back.  But me being gone because of the surgery and my lower than normal grades that semester taught me that you should worry about your grades but not to worry so much that you do not have as much fun with your family and friends while you can.

            The surgery really scared me and I thought a lot about how quickly your life or someone else’s life can change.  I would not be here today if I did not have that surgery.  So it taught me to live every day like it is your last or like Tim McGraw says, “Live like Your Dying,” because you never know today just might be your last day on this earth.