This I Believe

Jennifer - Dalton, Georgia
Entered on November 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Thank God He Gave Me Cancer

This I believe that God allowed me to have cancer for a reason. If I had not had cancer my life would be drastically different than it is today. Cancer has brought me to Christ, made me sensitive to others’ hurts and needs, and has given me an inexplicable joy.

Cancer to me is more than hurt and pain, doctor bills and debt. Even though that was the reality; I look back and would do it all again. I met Christ and He saved me while I was going through treatment. At death’s door God saved my soul and my body! Yes, the battle has been hard, and I am still battling the side effects of the treatment, but I thank God He allowed me to have cancer. It is hard being the oldest but the shortest in your family. It is difficult to have people stop and sheepishly ask you how old you are. School has not been a breeze like it has for my siblings. But I don’t let these things worry me anymore. I have a special relationship with my Lord because of what He has brought me through.

Through my experience with cancer and Christ I am able to see others’ hurt and needs. I can relate to some of them more because of my own trials. I met my best friend at a camp for kids with cancer and we have two ties that make our friendship special and binding; we were both saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and we both had cancer.

God has given me this unexplainable joy that makes me smile and laugh even when the storm clouds come into my life. The unexplainable joy that I have allows me to have a child-like attitude. I make decisions with an adult mindset, but laugh, play, sing, and live as a child would. God’s joy inside of me gives me a positive look to my cancer. I know I would not be anywhere near where I am now, in my walk with Christ or in my life in general, if I had not had cancer.

This I believe that God allowed me to have cancer for a reason. We all have a purpose in life that only we can fulfill. My purpose could only be accomplished through having cancer. My life will always have the scares from cancer, but I don’t regret having it anymore. I know God’s ways are not my ways and His plans are greater than my plans. I trust that He knows what He’s doing and has my life’s plan all figured out. Even though one would think it’s mean and cruel of God to allow a child, no more than two, to go through such pain and suffering, I still say “Thank you God for allowing me to have cancer.”