This I Believe

Entered on November 17, 2006
Age Group: 65+

My wife and I have a Pomerian named Muffy. We love Muffy as if he was one of our children and our children love Muffy. I have learned what I believed in because of Muffy.

Muffy is nine pounds of blonde energy, with shinny brown eyes, and a bark which will get on your last nerve. Muffy goes wherever we go, and we hardly go anywhere he cannot go. He loves to have his snow-white belly scratched, and the only way he will eat is if you hand feed him.

Muffy has diabetes and must have insulin two times every day. He has had a number of events where he has been hospitalized for keytone acidosis where his sugar elevates to such a dangerous level that his kidneys fail and release poisons into his system. So when this happen, we put Muffy into the “hospital” to get IV fluids, large doses of insulin, and a host of other drugs.

This past weekend, Muffy developed pancreatisis and renal failure. Our little boy cannot stand up and is very weak. We went back to the vet and put him in the hospital. As of right now, we don’t know if he is going to make it.

I have had a revelation on what I do believe and it has taught me something about myself. I have been taking care of people for over thirty years. It is amazing to me how many people think it would be better not to spend the money that we do on saving “a dog”.

But Muffy is more than “just a dog”. The diabetic events, the heart aches, the love, and the tears are about a life. It may not be a human life, but it is a life. And all life is precious and it is valuable. What kind of price tag can you put on any life? All life was placed on this earth for a purpose.

I wonder if our “society has become so hard, so computerized that it has lost it vision and expectation of life is or what is can be. Has fast food also come to mean fast life, fast times, and quick death? I am not talking about the life of a little dog, but the life of the people within our realm and communities. Does the cost of treating our children out way the cost of caring for them and in doing this stealing their chance at having any kind of life.

I saw on the news the other night where a mother had starved her eight-month-old child and her three-year-old child so she could maintain her “life style”. I stopped to realize that this was not an isolated incident. One mother drove her car into a lake and drown her children, a father threw his children out of a high-rise hotel, and one little girl was push out of a car on a busy interstate and left walking in traffic.

Have we created a society of stock market highs and lows to build a 401k world to replace the warmth and security of home with loving arms and caring hearts? The value of our culture has been redeveloped around finical gain, social prominence, and loss of moral and personal culture.

I believe that any one life is made from the lives, which it comes into contact with. Each life, no matter if it is a good life or a bad life, leaves an impression or makes contributions to the life it has touched. The choices that we make each day are shaped by every life we make some kind of contact with. The impact of any action will always stir, if but only for a moment, some reaction basis on how we intrepid that action. But that interpretation is basis on all of the interaction from other events, reactions, or even visual contact of others.

What I now realize and believe is that life, any life, is part of a puzzle that interconnects us, creating who and what we are. The difference in each of us is how we choose to live based on those lives that have touched us. So, have we become a society of Wall Street indifference, looking at the high and low of finances that make our life decisions?

I believe that Muffy has a right to live and I pray that he does. Yes, it will cost a lot, but his life has added a lot to our life. Muffy has brought us joy and happiness. But you should see Muffy’s excitement when his momma (my wife Mary) takes him for a walk. That blonde ball of baby soft fur starts dancing around on the floor, running over to get his leash, yapping and dancing at the same time.

Our actions brought something into his life and his life is always giving something to ours.

I will spend the money to help our little boy get better and I figure out later how to pay for his care. But Muffy is one of our children, and our real children want us to spend the money on him too. My wife is sitting, holding on to Muffy as I write this; he has an IV in each of his paws. His eyes are still shinny, and now he can raise his head. He nuzzles his head into my wife chest and licks on her arm. They sit together holding on, hopeful, not for the last time.