This I Believe

Kevin - Chester, Virginia
Entered on November 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

When Cell Phone Clips are Cool

Walks to class on a college campus can be a long, strenuous one. And with broken head phones, I usually have to find some way of keeping myself entertained. I think about what it might be like if Disney had a kickboxing tournament—Donald Duck yells “Woo baby!” as he roundhouse-kicks Mickey in the face. I think about what I’d do if suddenly, right then and there, my life turned into an action movie. And when I’m really bored I beat-box. And it’s stuff like this usually makes me break out of my ‘cool face’ (the one that I use when I walk) and I can’t help but crack a smile or laugh a little bit. This can be a little embarrassing because to the strangers around me, I’m this laughing, smiling idiot. And they’re probably thinking, “The heck is that kid laughing at?” It’s times like this where I realize how much of a dork I am, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I believe that every human being can be categorized into either a dork or a nerd and that this produces a colorful and more interesting aspect of the world.

Not unlike the mutant gene in the X-Men comic-books, Dork- and Nerdisms are evolutionary characteristics that become more apparent with each passing year. Hundreds of years ago it was rare that someone might do a pelvic thrust or sing show tunes in front of a bathroom mirror. We’ve come a long way in our culture—from epic poems of Greek heroes to Italian plumbers that fly and save the world.

Dorks and nerds differ in a number of ways. You might argue that you’re an even combination of both, and that’s partially true. But in every case, one characteristic is dominant over the other. While I consider myself an accomplished dork, for example, there’s definitely a nerd holding some of the playing field that decided to write this essay. I find that nerds tend to be highly analytical and obsessive over the most unimportant of facts. I mean did you know that there are seven different types of light saber techniques recognized by a Jedi? I didn’t. But after a semester living with my nerds for roommates, I do now. Dorkisms are generally regarded as foolish and flamboyant in nature and vary in intensity with every individual. You might not be that middle-aged dude or dudet with a fanny-pack, but if you’ve said “Booyah” on at least one occasion, I’m sorry to tell you that you qualify as a minimal level-one dork.

In the past century or two, the world has evolved into a place with much more imaginative depth. While we still retain some of our important traditions and cultural values, I like to think that our immaturities make it easier to withstand some of the callousness of life.