This I Believe

Sandra - Dothan, Alabama
Entered on November 16, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I Believe that the older we get, the lesser we know. That what we thought our lives would become, they don’t. What we thought we knew, we don’t. And what we thought we believe, we aren’t sure of. My life didn’t turn out to be a “happy for every after”. Even though I was the class homecoming queen (runner-up anyway) and the “best all around”, I haven’t achevied anything great. My husband of 29 years was unfaithful (more times than once) and I finally divorced him after our kids were away to college. My daughter struggled with drugs and alchohol, and announced she was lesbian. My son was dischaged from the military for health reasons, married a girl from the Phillihpines and struggles to make it. I married a sweet man that cares about me, something that is foriegn in my life. He had a terrible accident and is unable to work. At the age of 57, I look forward to working until I die. So, I believe that life is hard without any promises. That fairy tales, are just that and that peoples’ whose lives look easy (they’re in Hawaii right now on vacation) have somehow cheated the life that the rest of us know. This I Belive, I’m glad to be alive, I’ve done the best that I know how, and I still belive in fairy tales.