This I Believe

David - Madison Heights, Michigan
Entered on November 16, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I have always had a deep connection with the act of living. As a child, my mind was a unending torrent of imagination… which, with maturity has been brought under some semblance of control.

Philosophy endeared itself to me very early. I read words from a book in my fathers book case that asked me “…for who shall love a comely old man or a crippled youth?” So, there it began. I can not say with certainty why those words resonated with me at the age of nine… but I know why they still resonate with me to this day.

I wanted to know why. Just why… Why everything. Why is a question that many children ask, and I was no exception. Life seemed to be an assault upon the self via the senses. But it didnt end there, oh no. Then there was the inevitable cognitive side of beingness. Sorting through endless input to perhaps garner sense of that which was tied to value.

Twenty-five years after I read the question laid down in that old book, I felt like a fool for confusing myself with even attempting to answer it. The answer was in every breath I took, and in every desire I had for understanding the Why of things.

See, I knew then that I loved the comely old man and the crippled youth… and everyone inbetween. For they were me. As inelegant as this may sound… I believe we are all the same person living infinite lives simultaneously.

The absolutely gargantuan journey that brought me around this circle of investigative beingness has taught me that there is worth in all things real and imagined. I lack nothing as I accept what nature has to offer… This is what I believe.