This I Believe

Joshuah - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on November 16, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe that no matter what type of music a person listens to, how they listen to it or why they listen to it, that the music enriches lives. Music is a large part of my life whether I like to admit it or not. Music seeps into every aspect of it. I link high and low times in my life to songs that I have heard, so much that I could just make an entire soundtrack and most people could get the basic picture.

The influences on music that I received from my parents shaped my life. I would hear different music coming out of the radio everyday. My parents usually disagreed on the type of music, country or classic rock, which we, my brother and I, would hear every day. I never noticed then but music was always in my life, whether it was while getting ready for school and turning on the radio or if it was just driving in the car with my parents. The music my parents had me listen influenced the music that I listen to today.

There have been many low times in my 25 years in this world. My parents divorce and my own relationship stumbles all have a certain song or a couple of songs that help me cope with the problem. For my parents divorce, I hid away in my room a lot and listened to my CD’s. The ones that helped me through the divorce were songs from Limp Bizkit like “Sour” and “Counterfeit”, and even “Yesterday” from Boyz II Men. All of my own relationship stumbles also have a song to get me over them. One break-up that happened for me happened about six months after my parents got divorced. I attached a song to this one because it was at that point my most difficult and painful break-up. I used “Stuck” from Limp Bizkit because it personified the girl that had put me through so much pain for the last year and a half.

The good times in my life have been plentiful. One such time was my mother’s wedding to her now husband. During the service I was honored to be able to sing a song for my mom on this wonderful day. I sang the song “Momma” from Boyz II Men. It had a lot of meaning for me because my mother had always been there for me throughout me growing up and now I was there for her.

Music has shaped my life as much as my parents and my own experiences have. From every genre of music I listen to, a new connection to my past comes forward. The soundtrack to my life has a plethora of songs that fit what I have gone through. The connection could either make me sad or make me happy but through everything that I feel, they take me back and help me to remember who I am and what brought me here.

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