This I Believe

Andrew - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 16, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

Previous ideas partially determine this mental dialog. Ideas from nearby friends, family and coworkers also affect it. This, I, then is at once isolated inside a primate cranium, and it is also extraordinarily interconnected with others of its kind. The mechanism of this energetic phenomenon probably defies individual comprehension. Nevertheless, previous scientists have managed to overcome their strong beliefs and misconceptions to help us understand minute fractal components of the universe. The sun bathes us in energy and the ecosystems on which humans depend are linked just as some of the out-competed Native American shamans warned to the self-exiled Europeans. This set of words is a recommendation to future survivors. Strive to bring human economic systems into an energy balance with the solar budget that is allocated to us each day. Overpopulation and over-reliance on nukes and fossil fuels will probably lead to increasingly dangerous and horrible wars as technology improves. War wastes a lot of energy, destroys infrastructure, requires brutality and it creates a lot of unnecessary suffering. War accomplishes nothing but the shifting of some individuals within social hierarchies. In the long view, it is more important to try to protect larger sections of land and sea for non-human-centric ecosystems even if you do not see why or how they are interrelated with you. Granted, god is good, especially in bed, but good is relative to culture, time and place. Science as a culture allows individuals to modify their belief systems guiltlessly as new facts become accepted by the community. This process of debate and recording thoughts is integral to scientific method and should be preserved regardless of ideology. Hopefully, scientific advance is analogous to the booting up of a sustainable and civilized humanity. With this set of ideas as a cognitive map to the future, humans now have a mental framework that will allow them to live in more balance with earth and one another, if they so choose. I hope that in the future I will be able to write a statement of belief that is even more optimistic than this one. Succinctly, my hope is that this paragraph encapsulates kernels of logic, that if expanded, could provide common ground for multicultural cooperation. Just think. What am I? Why am I here? Where can I record and read useful thoughts? How do I focus on the beautiful aspects of humanity?