This I Believe

gary - boca raton, Florida
Entered on November 16, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe In The Miricle of

A Child’s Mind

I will never forget her words, it struck me like

an electric charge, “Dad, I’m the worst reader

in my class, I have no confidence in my reading”. I was in shock, the only things I had

heard from her teachers were accolades and

bright tomorrows. Amanda, was 7 yrs old, a first grader who just lost her mother to breast cancer. The course of the disease took a 4 year toll, It begain when Amanda was 3 and ended 4 days before her 7th birthday. I went

to her school the next day and spoke to her

principal and teacher. Dont worry they said,

Amanda will be fine, some catch up by the 3rd

grade, some are slower than others. I thought,

but what if she doesn’t catch up, I’ll have a third grader who can’t read instead of a first grader.

It was a diffult decision, I had to get Amanda

help now, I had to find a school with the capability to help her. But this school helped her so much when her mom was ill, they all loved her and I felt guilty abandoning them for

something I knew so little about. But my gut feeling told me to seek another source. Today,

Amanda is almost 2 grades above in her reading ability, she works so hard and tries her very best. I so proud of her and I know

her mother would be too.