This I Believe

Alvaro - New York, New York Argentina
Entered on November 16, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: tolerance

“I believe that YOU believe”. That is the reason why I have to educate myself in understanding why I believe what I believe. That is the reason why I believe that is my responsibility to listen to you. That is the reason why I will like you to ear me. That is the reason why after I listen even when I disagree I have to respect what you believe. That is the reason why I believe we have to open our minds and if we do what is be true today might not be tomorrow

I believe that life is the pursue of those believes and happiness is to be true to those believes. Because I believe in good and bad is our obligation to distinguish between them. Because I do not know why I am here or why I am me I do not own all my merits or my luck but I do my responsibilities. I must share my given virtues and work on my shortcoming.

I MUST be true to myself to be true to you. I believe that big or small we all make it happen. I believe that this world is for you and me.

PD . Sorry my English is not very good