This I Believe

Riley - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 16, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

There is a look, which mothers get when they view their newborn child for the first time. It is very akin to a look, which lovers get when they see their significant other after a long time away. This look conveys one of the most powerful emotions on earth. It is destructive at the same time as it is nurturing. It is terrible at the same time as it is wonderful. It is ugly at the same time as it is beautiful. I believe that love is the most dangerous emotion known to humans.

Now many people may say, “Why are you saying this? Love isn’t dangerous it’s amazing.” I would be forced to disagree with them. I cannot name one war that has started that has not been started by love. Whether it be love of country, or of religion, or even of things more materialistic such as natural resources much like the war that we currently are involved with in Iraq. War is not the only reason that I have come to the conclusion that love is dangerous. I also know that you are much more likely to hurt someone that you love. My father has told me for years that “The person who is most likely to kill you is your wife.” Now I don’t know if that comment is based on any sort of fact but I tend to want to believe it. I know that this is true because to some degree of how I personally treat my brother. I know that he annoys me so much more than anyone else does and he does it by doing things that had someone else done them I probably would have just brushed it off and forgotten about it in the next ten minutes. I also know that at the end of the day I love him and I always will. I can’t explain the correlation between love, anger and pain but I know from my observations that there definitely is one and that scares me.

Now do not get me wrong, love is still one of the most wonderful emotions. It keeps many people going when they are down or lifts them up from their depression. It gives many people a reason to work hard and make a living so that their spouse can live comfortably. The flipside of something this wonderful though must be something terrible. In this case the flipside is as horrendous as the actual emotion is amazing. Love can cause people to hurt others emotionally and physically as well as it can tear a person who is in love apart seemingly limb from limb. Love is dangerous and should be handled with care by all who seek to attain it. This I believe.