This I Believe

Kyle - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Apathetic Generation

Recently voter turnout has been decreasing as well as waning attendance in churches. What has caused this to happen and furthermore, how are they both related? The sudden apathy of the recent generation caused these previously stable events to go into an abrupt downfall. I believe that younger American generations have developed apathy towards many aspect of society.

Government is a primary area that has been affected by this sudden change in the generation as a whole. For example, there is an increasing number of independents in America. This shows that younger generations no longer care about a certain party as older generations. Also, voter turnouts are much higher by the elderly than those in their twenties. This drastic difference shows that recently people do not care who gets into office if they have to put out any effort to vote. Therefore, younger generation’s apathy and laziness keeps them from participating in governmental affairs.

Another part of society that has been affected by the apathy in younger generations is religion. Churches have seen a continuous decrease in attendance over the last couple decades. Younger generations no longer hold religious beliefs as closely as past generations. Also, those who still go to church do not bind themselves by the rules of the religion as closely as previous generations. This apathy towards the restrictions shows that the beliefs are not important enough any more to them to follow. Overall, religious beliefs continue to dwindle among the younger generations.

The final area which younger generation’s apathy affects is education. Average grades in schools have been decreasing. Recent generations do not care to have a decent education, since it involves a good deal of work to complete. As well as grades, graduation rates have dropped as well. Having a high school diploma is not a priority to many of today’s youth. Planning for their future is not important enough to them, because it would require work from them now. Therefore, recent generations apathy towards education is due to an overall laziness.

The apathy developed in America’s youth continues to cause many problems in today’s society. It is a major factor in childhood obesity as well as in unemployment. If this problem does not become corrected then America could become slowly deteriorate by a laziness epidemic.