This I Believe

Caroline - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude

This I believe…

I believe that everyone should be grateful for what they have. There has been many times where I see something that someone else has . For instants the other day I was at the mall and every store I went into I wanted something. Yes I know, big surprise. I also saw some electronics that I had to have but of course I didn’t buy anything. I was kind of upset that I wasn’t able to buy what I really wanted. Those are the times I often think to myself why can’t have that? I also find myself looking and thinking about things that just don’t matter and for some reason they have become important to me.

Quite awhile back I was watching a show about people living in a village in Ethiopia in extremely bad conditions. These people were living in broken down shacks with at least five other family members. They were not only living in bad conditions they were malnutrition and most of them were slowly dying of aids and other diseases that have gone untreated. After watching that show I was in complete shock. Here I was upset that I didn’t have enough money to buy some cloths and these people are fighting to stay alive.

Something that stood out to me even more was how happy all those people looked, they all had these huge smiles and were just happy that someone was recording them. . What saddened me the most was not only the adults that were sick and struggling but having to see all those beautiful children go through the same thing. On that show there was a little girl about seven years old who was HIV positive and had three other siblings who were also HIV positive and there mother was too sick to take care of them so they were actually taking care of her. The little girl was asked if she could change anything about her life what would it be and her response was to be able to have a enough food for her and her whole family. I was amazed to hear that was all she wanted. I think right then is when I actually sat back and realized that there is so much I take for granted.

So this brings me to my point that even through hard times you have to stay strong and remember that there is people out there that have it much worst. When I have to deal with problems in my life no matter how hard sometimes they just don’t compare to the problems of others. But that’s when I picture all those young children fighting to stay alive and then I picture all the wonderful things in my life that those people would die for.

Are there wonderful things in your life? Do you often pass those wonderful things by and focus on what you don’t have and how miserable you are without it? Try not to think like that get your mind of what you don’t have and start remembering about the wonderful things that make you happy the things that make you smile even the things that make you laugh because those are the things that we take for granted. Imagine if those things were suddenly taking from you? Yes I know most of us couldn’t even imagine what that would feel like so appreciate what’s in front of you and take every opportunity you have to be grateful for each and ever precious thing in your life.