This I Believe

Mala - NASHVILLE, Tennessee
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe for Our Beautiful World

I believe we could eradicate poverty

I believe we not wage any wars

I believe we just spread peace

I believe we could eradicate all the fatal diseases

from the surface of this earth

I believe we not cut any more trees

I believe we could grow more trees.

I believe we just love all the children they be black, red, green, pink,

yellow, white.

I believe we could be Energy independent

I believe we not pollute Our Mother Earth more

I believe we not kill others for greed and Power

I believe we spend no money on weapons

I believe that we all could just say we are the

citizens of this beautiful Planet Earth and not

citizen of USA, India, China.

I believe in globalization

I believe that we act as one unit without the boundaries of countries

I believe that we not wage any religious wars

I believe that we could all accept that there is one God and

we worship HIM/HER in different forms.

I believe that we could conserve water

I believe we not kill animals