This I Believe

Denice - Medford, Massachusetts
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in possibility. The possibility that my son, or any of his friends, could be future Nobel prize winners. After a long and hard day at the office, I think about the possibility of taking a day off, sleeping in on the weekends, checking my mental calendar to see if it’s an option. Possibility is what motivates me. Someday, I say to myself, I won’t have this desk job and I will be able to support my family with a career that I am simply passionate about, a career that changes the world, even in a small way. Possibility. I imagine a place where all the world’s people can access medical care to prolong and improve life… I believe that perhaps I can raise my son to believe in the possibility of himself, his own potential. The possibility of one.