This I Believe

Kelsey - Newark, Ohio
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

A friend once told me “Life is short, but it’s a beautiful ride”. different events in a beautiful ride”. different events in my life have made me believe this with my very being. Each event in my life has helped me to come to this belief.

When I was two and a half my world was turned upside down. It was a nice day in September when I found my grandpa dead. He had a massive heart attack and had died instantly. My grandpa was only fifty-eight years old and I had taken his death hard. It took me years to get over his death, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

When I was thirteen I almost died. My appendix had ruptured and was sending a deadly poison through my body. It would two days before I had surgery. After the surgery it took me months to fully recover. The is event has left me a scar that goes from above my hip down to my belly button. Each time I see my scar I remember how close I came to losing my life.

It was close to six years later when I was faced with death once again. In just fifteen days I was in two car accidents. I remember the first accident but I don’t remember the second accident. The first accident wasn’t that bad but the second one sent my body into shock. I made it through both accidents with only minor bumps and burses.

Each event helped shape and help make me stronger. I believe that all of these events have happened for a reason. At a young age I faced death and have excepted and continued to live. It hurts me still to think about my grandpa and everything he has missed out on in my life. I know now that he will always be with me and that helps me through.

At thirteen I faced my fears of dying and I over came the odds. I didn’t want to leave my family or my friends. Before my accident I had forgotten how short life was. I thought nothing bad could happen to me but reality came rushing back to me.

In the twenty years I have been alive, I have faced and overcame death three times. Each time I remember my grandpa’s death, I realize that he died to soon. When I remember about my appendix and my car accidents I realize how lucky I am.

Had I died I would never have any of the things I do now. I would never been able to see the young women my sister has become, watch my family grow stronger and most important I would never have for or got married to my husband.

Many things have happened in my life and I know that they happened for a reason. I have become strong and I believe that life is short but it’s a beautiful ride, this I believe.