This I Believe

Brett - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Life is not all about the Land

Since I was a young boy I have found that living on the ground that we have been on for thousands of years is not all that is made up to be. I believe that living on the water would be much greater than anywhere on land.

Every summer since I was seven living at the lake was all that I did. In staying at the lake, I learned that while standing on land you do not feel any movement of the earth. When entering the water on my sailboat I am able to feel all the movements of the land through the water. One thing that can be felt greater on water is the wind. On the water, there is nothing stopping the wind from blowing into your face. In addition, on the water you can see the wind even when there is nothing to be felt on your face. Unlike the land, the water has a life of its own in the ways that it moves and the ways that it looks.

While in the middle of a body of water, I am able to feel something that nowhere on land could give me. Water gives me the sense that I am the only person in miles because every thing is quite and the water moves with you. The feeling of being the only person on earth is a feeling that water has always given me.

While moving through the water the boat splits the water, leaving a trail that seconds later will disappear and never be seen again by anybody. Once the trail is gone, I get the feeling that I am all alone and nobody can find you because there is no trail that is left behind. This felling makes me feel that while being on the water there is nothing that anybody can do and that I have full control of what ever I want to do but that the earth has some control of me making me feel that life should go as the earth want it to.

All of these feelings of movement can only be felt on water. Through this, I have found that there are many things that can be found about oneself if only you could be on the water all the time. The water is a place for me to get away and try to feel things that standing on land could never be felt.