This I Believe

Jamie - Tenafly, New Jersey
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

I believe to die is glory and to live is grace.

To die would be the glory of people remembering you. When my grandfather died the last thing he said to me was to die is glory “so remember me as the glorious person you know me to be.”

In truth I believe to live is grace because while you are living you have respect much like when I broke my wrist my parents cared and took care of me very well. My mom always told me “When you die Jamie, you will be remembered, but right now people like you for who you are. I have always tried to stick by this through all the school I must deal with. I think that what I believe in makes me the great friend, and companionate son I am to my parents.”

This must have been carried through the years because in Boston two weeks ago my great uncle died and the last time I saw him again when he died he told me that he died for glory but his virtue would live on forever.

I think in my future I will try to live by this and when I die, I will say this to my kids and that my virtue will live on.

I think that the way my life and my parents life have been going, I am glad to say that when my time comes and I move on into heaven then I will leave with a lot of glory and that my virtue will live on.

In my way of thinking I think that my kids and their kids will carry on my virtue and all the others before me.

The big part of my life started when I was five, my grandmother had just padded away. But her glory and virtue will always live on in our hearts so in spirit we will never loose her.

I might think there is a dieing last word that runs in a family, I may not all things considered I think that a big part of my life that will always start with a spiritual side and a life and death side.

While browsing and reading “This I Believe” essays I came across a statement that somewhat related to my “This I Believe” statement it read, “to die is pride, to live is happiness” that was very interesting that I came across this in a early 1950’s “This I believe” essay.

I believe that death is glory and life is grace, and This I Believe.