This I Believe

cesar (manny) - Tampa, Florida
Entered on November 15, 2006
Age Group: 65+

This I Believe:

I like the slogan of No Child Left Behind however encompassing. It is a notion to attempt a system of building blocks to upgrade the general education of our children. I believe we need to add to this system with building blocks of a different nature. I am a builder of swimming pools and I build my pools with a purpose of good design, serving my customer with the best of my learned experience, instilling safety, and researching and making changes for a better product. Most of all I believe in producing an honest product.

I like children that know the Three R’s. I like to hear them sing their A, B, C’s. I enjoy listening to the Pledge of Allegiance. I like them to distinguish that 2 and 2 is not 22. But most of all I like to play with their abilities and to provoke their imagination of numbers, words and sounds.

I believe that the freedom of a young mind is far more expansive than the boundaries we as parents, teachers and politicians expect. I believe that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is not enough unless our children know what a wonderful country we live in. A sense of duty and appreciation for what we enjoy in this country is an easy concept for the young mind to comprehend. They learn not only for themselves but for a greater good.

I believe that the building blocks of one’s character however young, needs to be identified. It should be incorporated into the educational curriculum of all the States in the Union and reflect the special culture or regional taste.

I believe that schools should teach diplomacy. Is not diplomacy an elegant topic of learning?

I believe that schools should teach ethics. Is not the ethics of good business practice a meaningful requirement for our society? Is not the truth a power house in the practice of law and of course, in ordinary discussions?

I believe the study of logic is a formidable foe of ignorance. Is justice a subject that young children cannot understand?

I believe that we, as a country, can promulgate basic premises that our youth can use as a guide for living the good life.

Worthiness Loyalty Truthfulness Honor Trustworthy Honesty Duties Rights

I believe that knowledge of these words is key to the advancement of each child.

I believe that if we expand the scope of our education for our children the Three R’s will fall in place and be a smaller part of learning.

I believe in No Concept Left Behind.