This I Believe

Tami - spanaway, Washington
Entered on November 14, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

A face looks up at me with support and love. The wings so carefully sketched against the smoky gray metal, I smile as I read, “Never Drive Faster then your guardian Angel can fly.”

My heart smiles and aches as I flip the angel over and continued to read, “Mom, please drive carefully”

It’s been over six years since I moved away from my mother. Within those past years, death has touched her about a dozen times. Yet, I was never scared until she had her stomach bypass surgery at the University of Washington. For my mom it was a second chance at life, for me I dreaded it was a sentence to her death. This was the first time that I was not strong and I feared that I would loose my mom. I held her tight in my arms, and let the tears roll down my cheeks fearing it would be the last moment I would see or hold her. At that moment I realized that God had touched us, and for the first time realized that we had the mother and daughter bond that we both prayed for.

Growing up and not having a strong bond with my mother, it amazes me to this day that God had planted this seed between us. Even thought it took twenty plus years, I believe that God does everything for a purpose. I do not pretend to understand why it took my mom and I so many years to realize the bond that we really had and shared for one another, yet I do understand it was worth the wait, for I am proud to say that my mother is my best friend and I am proud to be her daughter.

I have not mailed the angel key chain to her. I keep it in my wallet and every time I hold it, I can hear my moms’ sweet and lovely voice echoing, “I miss you, baby girl.” It may be silly to some, yet when I hold that cold metal angel, I feel like I’m hugging my mom and we don’t have hundreds of miles between us.