This I Believe

Brad - wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 14, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Adventure Leads to Extraordinary Experiences

Because of constricting time schedules, over planning, and over work, it is hard for many people to allow themselves a mere few hours to relax, stop what they are doing, and take personal time to take their minds off the never ending barrage of work assigned every day. I know all too well, being one of the victims of not allowing any down time. However crucial it may be to finish that document, however, is not nearly as important as how important it is to let the body rest. I believe that a simple adventure, may it be a spontaneous drive in the woods or a trip to the grocery store is a great way to get away from the stress of the world and open doors to new and wonderful experiences.

Last summer was a new experience in itself, for it was the first job I had ever had. It was, however, similar to many experiences people have at work, for I brought work home with me in the form of stress and anger. Therefore, I decided to be adventurous and take some four-wheel drives in my jeep, since I was in the tremendous expanse of Denver, Colorado’s backyard, the Rocky Mountains. I will admit, before last summer, I would never have been willing to go on those hazardous roads, for they are dangerous, scary, and I had work to do. In retrospect, I was completely wrong. Last summer, I witnessed God’s country, a land fourteen thousand feet above sea level full of rare plant and animal life, streams, snow, untouched beauty, and a place ninety-nine percent of the population will never see due to fear and having no time or willingness to try. Sure, it was scary, being suspended on a cliff far above the ground with nobody around for rescue, if needed, but if people could see what I saw last summer, the cliffs, bad roads, and loneliness of the beautiful landscape would not be a factor. I saw the essence of mountains, a thing only experienced by having a sense of adventure, willingness to put work aside, and fearless point of view. I can only imagine what I would have missed out on if I did not go on the drives. I would not have seen trees that only grow in that part of the world, animals that do not live anywhere else, and majestic mountains that are experienced only through pictures by a majority of the population.

A sense of adventure can lead to wonderful, new experiences. Listen to me when I say take personal time. It may not lead to the top of a mountain, but it will definitely do well on one’s life. I believe that overwork, stress, and fear prohibit our view of the world and the things we can accomplish by simply taking time to try something new. Therefore, do not think about how scary the situation is, or how much work is left, but about what others will not experience.