This I Believe

Phillip - centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 14, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe we need to celebrate the average American. In our society we only ever hear about who has a disabling disease, an orphan, someone whose parents are divorcing, someone moving away from their friends and family, the bad guys, and the good guys. Sure it’s good to celebrate those people, but what about the average Joe’s, the people with normal married parents, people who are healthy, people who have never moved, and have never had a tragic event happen in their life?

Being a normal 14 year old skinny white boy, I am the average American. All people ever talk about is who did this, who did that, who lived, who died and never about the average guy that is a crucial part of our world. No one ever hears about the guy who makes sure the traffic lights are working, the guy in a cubicle, the janitor, or the fast food delivery guy. With out these crucial average people working average jobs and living average lives, there would be no America. I am just an average kid who will eventually be one of these average people who won’t be heard about on the news, just keeping our country going in an average job. Knowing this I realized that if we just had the people we celebrate then America would not exist. Without the common man our society wouldn’t function.

I believe that even though others may have overcome great hardships that common people need to be recognized also. Sure the fireman rescued three people and a kitten, but what about the people making sure the stoplights work, they prevent accidents therefore saving hundreds more lives than a fireman ever could. I may not ever have a job as important as the stoplight guy, but I may manufacture a cell phone that calls 911 about a fire, therefore notifying the ‘noble’ firemen. But if I never made that cell phone, the call wouldn’t have been made, and the house burned down. That is the importance of the common man. In one way or another, they are helping this country just as much as the ‘heroes’ on the news.

I believe in the common man. I believe that the heroes and the survivors should be celebrated, but the average person should be celebrated equally as great if not more. I believe that the Average American should be celebrated.