This I Believe

Thien - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of money. Take a look around; the world is run on money. I certainly need money. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone needs money. Without money, everybody would probably starve to death. Without money, how would the government manage to get their all-important military equipment? Face it, without money there would be chaos.

Ever since I was a child, I have known that I was poor. To make up for my poorness, I learned to handle money incredibly well. I would spend as little as possible so I could save money for other things. I have even picked days to not eat to save that extra two dollars. This method works well; every week I have more money than I did the last week. I put that money into my savings and start over again. Sure, I am frequently hungry, but that’s nothing to bitch about. Hunger is not painful to me at all. With the food portion taken care of, I use my money for other things. An example of my use in money would be clothes and shoes. The rest of the money goes into an account for college. I’m pretty sure that I will not get any kind of scholarship to pay for school so this would be a good start. Another great place my money is going is back to my mother. Because of the money that rolls over from the prior week, my mother only has to give me money every once in a while. This way my mother can use her money the way she wants to. What have I done to deserve that money anyway. I would not feel comfortable giving away free money to some punk ass kid that lives in my house and doesn’t pay rent. I don’t have a car right now either. I have been thinking about getting a job to pay for a car, but I have been procrastinating. A job opportunity will come by when I need it. But for the present moment, my ass is taking the bus.

If I did have more money coming from a rich family, I bet everything would be better. Yeah, life would definitely not suck so bad. I’m satisfied with my lifestyle now, but it could be better.