This I Believe

Adriane - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Entered on November 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

The Sibling Bond

I believe in the love and friendship that exist among siblings. This bond should be so strong that nothing can break it. I share this bond with my brothers and sisters. They are my best friends and always have been.

I am the baby of five children. There is seven years between my oldest brother and me. With that many children growing up together, people might assume that we didn’t or don’t get along. This is far from the truth. I can remember many nights that my parents would leave us home alone to be babysat by my oldest brother and sister. We would sit around singing and playing games together while my parents were out. Or during chore time the can’t-get-hit-by-the-sock game would begin. We loved playing this game, but more importantly, playing together.

The bond between us grew as we did. We supported each other in everything. I watched all of my brother’s soccer games while he was in high school and in return he came to all the football games to see me cheer. We were always at each others sporting events to cheer, encourage, and support.

From childhood to adulthood the bond only grew stronger. We all still remain best friends. We don’t have to say I love you to each other to show that we do. We show our love through our support and actions. All my brothers and sisters have moved out and I’m now the only child left at home. Even though they don’t live in Spartanburg, we still see and talk to each other often. I constantly call my brothers and sisters to share with them the good and the bad news. I call for their advice or just to say hey.

I look around and see how people today just don’t seem to care about their families. I see how nobody has family dinner together; and, the bond between siblings is usually little to none. How does this happen? For me, that bond is what shaped my life. That bond is what I rely on, on a day-to-day basis. That bond is why I can not wait for another day to come or for the next family vacation.

I believe the sibling bond is the key to happiness in life. I believe in that bond because I am apart of it and I see it work everyday and the happiness that comes with it. I believe it is that love and that friendship that made me who I am.

Written by, Adriane Travis