This I Believe

Katie - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has a purpose and has potential. I’m one of those people searching for purpose with hard work. I strongly believe that hard work is key to attaining anything worth having and that having a strong work ethic is key to living a complete life.

As a high school student in a rigorous academic program, I have learned to appreciate what hard work can do. I admit, I procrastinate, I turn in work that is mediocre, but on those occasions when I push myself and really work at something, it shows. It is reflected as a letter grade, but that hard work allows for greater things. It is easier to understand the subject, bettering my education and it also allows for a form of pride in myself. Most importantly though, it assures me that I am capable of something bigger, that I can tackle the task in front of me, a skill that I have been told many times over is something necessary for life after I graduate high school.

Extracurricular activities is another area where I see my hard work, or lack thereof, and how it affects my ultimate performance. I’m on the cross country team, and on race days, my hard work is reflected in my time. If I have trained like I’m supposed to, my time improves and I feel better after my race because I’m not as winded. If I’ve missed a practice, or not trained hard during the week, I feel winded or my time is worse than it was at the previous race. Debate is also another area where hard work pays off. If I haven’t practiced or read through files before a tournament, my lack of preparation shows when I speak and it forces me to have a lack of confidence in my skills because I didn’t perform well.

Having a strong work ethic is something I truly value and I know that I would not be doing the things I am without having a will to get things done and to improve. Having that work ethic for school activities has given me the work ethic for everything else I do. It has allowed me to sort through problems I have with family and friends and has given me the strength to better develop the relationships I have. A strong work ethic is something I know I will always have and I will always cherish that gift and hope that others realize its power.