This I Believe

Tania-Itzanelly - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Struggle is Bliss

Who wouldn’t like to win the lottery and quit school or their jobs? I can’t lie and say that I wouldn’t. But the average joe must work to earn a living each day; not only as in a job but in every aspect of life as well.

There are no breaks in life.

I have seen my parents struggle and sacrifice everything to give me and my brothers a descent lifestyle. They have been working and struggling to provide for the family the minute I was born. My mom tells me that our first home back in Mexico was a two bedroom apartment. We had only one piece of furniture: a mattress on the floor. My parents as young adults had to work their way up starting from almost nothing to learn to appreciate the value of things. Without experiencing this hardship, my parents wouldn’t have learned to be grateful for what they have earned today.

As a high school student, I face hardships and obstacles everyday. Biology class is one of my most difficult classes. I have to study and struggle with the material to pass the tests. I get frustrated with the amount of notes I must memorize and the amount of time I have to dedicate to this class. As I walk out the classroom after finishing a test, I feel weight being lifted off from my shoulders. I feel like I just defeated a great feat and passed the test with flying colors. Without struggle, I would not have felt as proud and wonderful about myself and that test.

Other times, my day goes all wrong. I feel so disappointed with the world. I walk down the halls of school wrapped up in my own problems feeling alone. I mope and drag myself to each class. But as soon as the school day ends I feel so relieved to go home. I walk down my block from my bus stop to my house. As I walk under the enormous trees with falling autumn leaves surrounding me, I feel so small and fragile. But this feeling comforts me in a way. I feel the cold refreshing wind hit my face and am surrounded by God’s beauty. At this point, after completing my unpleasant day, I take that moment to appreciate my life and my family’s love. Without undergoing an unpleasant day, I’d be too busy to appreciate the nature and life around me.

Struggle is simply bliss. Of course, I don’t ask for hardships but I know that I must face them throughout the many stages of my life. I know that without them I wouldn’t truly appreciate what I have. That is why I believe that overcoming obstacles and hardships makes life more fulfilling and worth living.