This I Believe

Drew - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on November 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Questions are Life

Every day millions of people across the world pull up to red traffic lights and stop, obediently pleading for passage from the ambient signals. But what would happen if each person, instead of stopping, sailed recklessly through the intersections? Chaos. If we could not answer this question, why we stop, destruction inevitably ensues. Questioning is the essence of life, this I believe.

Throughout my short life I have always questioned things, regardless of the content. Many questions, seemingly silly in nature, guide to the discovery of far greater things. I once posed the question, “Why is the sky blue?” to my sixth grade science teacher and received a deceptively simple answer. Only now, five years later, after learning in full the reason why the sky is blue may I appreciate that question.

During a majority of the summers in my adolescence I would spend a week with my grandparents in the country and attended bible school day camp at their church. Out of a sense of habit and necessity I repeatedly sat through the lessons and crafts. Each year memorizing numerous bible verses for cheap prizes. However, one June evening I asked myself why I continued attending, and, with sorrow filled chagrin, realized I had no answer. That year ended my bible camp career and I could not have been happier. That one simple question flung me into the realm of unbounded freedom, and for those moments I live.

Questions are the fuel for the engine of life. Each question leads to another, they propel us through life, shattering imagined barriers and opening infinite doors. Without questions eternal imprisonment would hold our minds in check, forever barring the entrance of knowledge’s light. I find our unalienable rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge, questioning, holds the key to all things in the world, this I believe.