This I Believe

Erika - Oregon City, Oregon
Entered on November 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Just fey things in life are exact, but I am sure about you: No one is unanimous. Trough our life we define our character, our personality. We live in agreement with rules and principles that we think it are correct. However, no matter how sensible we are, definitely, there is no way to pleased everybody.

I am tired of worry about the others thinks. I don’t want them to understand me anymore. I’m not perfect. My truths are here; they just have to accept this how it is or let me live my life in peace. I am what I am and this is and always going to be enough for me.

Stumbles, mistakes, disappointments… How I wonder to be perfect and jumo this boring part of being human, but I am far, far away from that. My past, attitudes and decisions show a lot about myself, but not everything.

I fell, I commit mistakes, I suffer… But, after all, I learn and change with each lesson that life intends to me. The only truth that I have to offer is here, in front of who wanto to see it. It’s me! Alive, vivid… It’s me! Excited to forget my mistakes and anxious to do the right thing. What I was yesterday or before that is past.

One thing that I learn in life is that we should like someone who love us, someone who wait for us, someone who understand us, especially in ours crazy moments. Like someone who helps us, who guides us, who support us, who believe in us, no matter what happened. Like someone taht not be unfaithful on us, someone who is loyal, someone who have dreams about us, someone who thinks about us. Like someone who waits until the end, someone who suffers with us, laugh with us, someone who dry our tears. Liek someone who protect us when is necessary, someone who gives us strenght after a failure. Like someone who come back and talk after a discussion, someone who walks next to us, someone who is our friend, ans someone who respect our fantasies, our illusions…

So is in this moment that my new walk begins, mw deepest change, freeing myself from pain and become attached to life with intensity!

You can always do what you intend to do since it not opposite of what you believe. You have all the tools that you need to do whatever you want to, just depends exclusively of you. I am an example of that! I admire my potential and know my limits, physical and psychological. I admire my will, but sometimes it is so much that hinder me.

I believe in myself, believe in life, believe that in the end everthing is going to be OK and if is not, is because is not finished yet. Believe in my family, believe in my friends, because they’re the family that God let me choose. I believe in what’s right, and sometimes, in what’s wrong. I believe that if God gave me two eras and one mouth I should listen more than talk. I believe in knowlegde and that I have to learn not just my profession, but a little bit of everything. I believe in Brazil. I believe in green, yellow, blue and white. I believe in nature. I believe in the Sun. I believe in my energy, that can change the world.