This I Believe

Sabrina - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Autism is when you’re trying to listen and stuff. I believe it’s one of those typical things. When you have autism, you are being nice and you’re being helpful and you’re being pleasant and you’re trying to listen and focus and pay attention.

I believe autism was a bad choice because I didn’t pick it so that is a problem. I believe autism is a good choice because it makes me feel happy inside and sad outside.

What it feels like if you have autism is you feel helpful and I feel pretty and stuff. It’s different because you have a big house and mommy and you feel kind of sad so your house and mommy make you feel glad and happy. With autism you like tried to hit a piñata and hit it a lot and a lot. You hit it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. You hit it really hard and you try to get the candy out of the piñata but you can only get a little bit of it and you pick it up off of the ground. Then you try to hurry and keep trying. I have to try harder to get the candy in my bag and in my house.

It’s hard to be focused because I get all worked up. I don’t know what makes me get all worked up but I do get worked up so I get tight and afraid. Then I have to take deep breaths and I have to drink a lot of water and take vitamins and make sure that my food is natural.

My hardest part of school is when kids are not being nice to each other and when my teacher is talking to the class like the whole class. Spelling is easy for me, money is easy for me, and speech is easy for me. It’s hard to listen, it’s hard to not be nice to each other, it’s really tough to be going to gym, music is hard but I love it and think it’s cool but it’s hard to stay with the songs and hurry up.

Autism is different when you’re trying and trying. I have to try even harder like with school and baseball and having control so I believe autism is typical then I feel special.