This I Believe

Elizabeth - Hampton, Virginia
Entered on November 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

No one expected me to go to college because really I don’t have to if I don’t want to. When you have a wealthy Dad no one expects you to do anything at all but, that is very much unlike my life. I chose to go to college because I want something to be proud of and I study my heart out so that I can prove everyone wrong. I am the first out of my 7 siblings to go to college and will probably be the last. Everyone is watching me, waiting for me to fail, and unfortunately they won’t be receiving that thrill. My dreams are huge and while some may think they are out of this world I find them necessary because I refuse to major in “spending all of Daddy’s money.” I want to earn things for myself and be proud of what I make for myself. I often wonder why the rest of my family feels such a need to depend on my father for everything. My whole family works for my Dad and their lives revolve around his businesses. The cars they drive, the food they eat, and even the homes they live in have been purchased for them. They have nothing to stand for because they fall for everything. There is something you have to understand about my family-they are the most dependent people in the whole world. If something happened to my father tomorrow they would be lost like a blind dog in a cornfield. The only thing they would know how to do is spend their inheritance.

How would you like to live your whole life with out accomplishing anything on your own? I chose a different path. Since I was in middle school I promised myself that I would amount to something and that something would shock my whole family. Its not that I want to be better than them, I just don’t want to live under someone else’s success. My brother once told me, “You’re not going to make it. One day when you don’t have anything you will be crawling back to Dad and asking him for everything.” Comments like these only fuel my hunger to achieve bigger and better things. If you don’t stand for yourself then who will stand for you? My whole life I have had people try and determine my future for me and I refuse to follow their mistaken path.

I believe true encouragement comes within your own soul and that you determine your own future. I believe that you can not wait for someone to push you because you’ll probably be waiting until you’re seventy years old. My mom once told me, “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will.” I’m eighteen years old and I’m getting ready to buy a house next year with my fiancé. Not a lot of people my age can say that for themselves- not even my twenty-seven year old brother can say that for himself. I am so proud to have reached such a high point in my life and I know that this is only the beginning of an independent and successful life.